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As a King (in the insect sense) of Mandasars, Edward had certain powers:

SMELL: He has an enhanced sense of smell, on par with that of a mandasar. Everyone has a different smell, and Edward sometimes experiences it as sound or color or texture. He also seems to be able to smell people who are up to no good to a certain extent, but this hasn't been verified. What this amounts to is that Edward can smell your soul.

PHEROMONES: Edward can put out various kinds of pheromones. Mostly he uses them to communicate with his mandasar goons, and these smells are unobtrusive and inoffensive to humans, and he has near-perfect control of those. But he can also influence humans with pheromones, and this he does not always do consciously. Broadly, he can influence their moods. Specifically, there are several things he can do.
-Attraction: Basically, this pheromone makes your character attracted to Edward.
-Repulsion: The opposite. Edward generally has to concentrate to produce this effect, but basically, if your character was turned on, they'll be turned off, and probably want to run out of the room.
-Mandasar pheromones, like warrior musk or worker and gentle scents, or (as rarely as possible) royal pheromone, though those only work on mandasars and you don't have to be concerned about them. If I mention them at all it's only because one of Edward's goons are around and in need of reassurance or incentive or something.

Humans are generally not aware that this is going on. Their sense of smell is so atrophied and unimportant to them that they don't know when they're being influenced by it, so only the most extreme reaction will really make them question why they're suddenly acting the way they are.

NOTES ON RESISTING: As I implied in the last paragraph, pheromones are not an instant-win button. While subtle scents shouldn't tip off the average human, scents that induce an extreme reaction can sort of be picked up on and resisted. They won't know how it's happening, but if it's enough out of the ordinary for them, it's entirely possible to figure out something is up, mostly because hey, why is it I suddenly want to do this thing more than anything else in the world? Like the pinecone in Oglaf.
And if they know something is up, and they have the willpower, they can resist.

So the question is:

May Edward use his pheromones on your character? If so, is there anything that could complicate matters? Does your character also have an enhanced sense of smell and will they be aware that this is happening to them? Is your character not human in such a way that they don't experience smells in the same way?
What does your character's soul smell like? This should reflect their personality somewhat, but it can seriously be anything. Characters in the series smelled like buttered toast, or frost green, or the sound of thunderstorms, or the texture of a walnut, or even just feeling the need to yawn and stretch.

Date: 2011-10-08 06:35 am (UTC)
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Roxie being pheremone-manipulated is OK... with the caveat that she'll probably jury-rig something to at least theoretically negate the effect on herself, if she manages to find out what's going on. Also, general paranoia.

Roxie's scent would be... weird. Not only is she kind of literally crazy, she screws around with weird magic stuff all the time and that probably leaves a lingering element. I'm not really sure how this should work out, but it should probably be something either ominous or really idiosyncratic (like it synaesthetically turning into entire magically-symbolic images, or something).


Tess being affected by pheromones is OK, but her biofeedback stuff means she'd become aware of it pretty quickly and rapidly swing back from the effect (mostly). (It's not the pheromone part itself she'd sense, but rather the mental effect on her.)

And she'd smell... nice. What with having colonies of semi-intelligent bioengineered bacteria living in her manipulating all her body functions, there's a literal undertone of roses buried somewhere in there, though it's much less noticeable now than it used to be. He might notice how engineered and sterile her general scent is despite the nice first impression, though.

Date: 2011-10-15 06:54 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
On Rosie's scent: (oh god I just had a terrible idea - cheetos and mountain dew!) but seriously uh... I got nothing. I'm sure he can smell things that don't exist in his universe and still know that it's magic! but... idk all I can think of right now is the Discworld's version of Primordial Soup. Which is in my copy of Nanny Ogg's Cookbook.

On Tess's: Plastic roses, got it.

Date: 2011-10-16 02:57 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lest_ye_become
For Roxie, maybe something kind of noxious (in the chemical-scents) sort of way, and/or a hallucinogenic/psychotropic element associated with it.

Date: 2011-10-18 08:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh man, how did I type rosie just there. whoops :P

So just smelling her will make him slightly trippy? Good to know. :D


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