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Edward York ([personal profile] kingoflobsters) wrote2011-10-06 12:09 am


Edward brought the maximum three goons with him. He picked a Gentle, a Warrior and a Worker.

-The gentle's name is Listener, and she's nominally Edward's secretary, though she doesn't have much secretary work to do. She's the eldest of the mandasars, chosen for her smarts but also because she hadn't established a hive of her own yet.

-The worker's name is Nod, and, unusually for workers, he was raised alone. Consequently he's a little slow, but also a little more independant than most workers.

-The warrior's name is Jeremy, and he's the youngest. He was barely a year old when he left Troyen and the couple who took him in didn't know his name, so they called him Jeremy. He's a huge fan of Zeeleepull and is really eager to prove his worth as Edward's bodyguard.